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Here at ladiesguns.co.uk you will find ladies dedicated shotguns for sale including many that are exclusive to Premier Guns, you can find help and advice from both ourselves and other lady shooters as well as being able to book a gun fit and learn all about our exclusive ladies shooting club ‘Premier Girls’.

Although ladies have been enjoying the great sport of shooting, both on the range and in the field for a number of years. It is only really since around 2013 that there has been a significant increase in the number of lady guns.

Premier Girls focuses on all aspects of shooting from clay shooting to rifle shooting and from the critically important topic of gun fit to how ammunition is produced. Whether your just starting on your journey or have been shooting a while but feel you would like to learn more but don’t have the right tools or direction, then we’re definitely for you.

Discounted clay shooting at Doveridge Claysports & East Mids Shooting Ground

Exclusive ladies events and workshops throughout the year.

At our club you can become as competitive as you like or just join and come along for the sociality. There is absolutely no pressure or obligation to enter competitions. There is also no age restriction on shooting, our club is open to all ages, able bodied and ladies with disabilities – we are truly a club to enjoyed by all. All new members who are new to the sport are given a good grounding in firearms safety and the safe handling of guns and all shooting is initially supervised by experienced staff.

Getting Started…

Have you ever fancied giving shooting a go but didn’t really know where or how to get started. Or perhaps you already shoot but like the idea of shooting with more like-minded friends. If that’s the case your definitely come to the right site. At Premier Girls we have huge amounts of experience and expertise in organising the initial step into shooting. We give you all the support and guidance you’ll need to get going.

About Us…

The concept for Premier Girls was to be fun, inclusive, for our members to practise safe handling of shotguns and to learn how to shoot well and provide a place for like-minded women to meet. For us it was about about making ladies shooting more accessible and showing that you don’t need to be born into it, particularly affluent or dressed top-to-toe in tweed. Anyone can come along and have a go. The feedback from our members is there’s never been a better time for women to take up the sport.

Where we’re based. – Doveridge Clay Sports. Whether you are a novice or experienced shot we give you shooting at its very best! Our club is targeted at all abilities and we offer a range of shooting lessons if you require a full clay shooting education or simply want to brush up on your skills. Whether you’re after a long term hobby, a one off taster or a location for a very different corporate event or team building day, Premier Girls at Doveridge Clay Sports has something for everyone!


For further information please contact us at:
Ladies Guns at Premier Guns (Doveridge) Limited
Eaton Hall Farm, Upwoods Road, Doveridge, Derbyshire DE6 5LN

Telephone: 01889 565982
Email: info@ladiesguns.co.uk

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